It Takes Three To Tango

A Sexual Fantasy

— By HerFavouriteStudents

Recently, my partner and I have been seeking a new adventure. Something we can do together to enjoy some quality time and have some fun!

Since we both love dancing and have been taking salsa and cumbia classes before, we decided to try tango this time.

I have always been fascinated by tango! The fierceness, the speed, the body tension, the dramatic music - to me it is like someone was given the task to interpret sex as movement and tango is the product.

We found a tango school online and started classes a couple of weeks back. At first, neither of us dared to say it out loud, but we enjoy the classes for another reason than just dancing. We are both obsessed with our dance teacher. You can't imagine how sensual and sexy she is. She dances like a goddess and she has this natural self-confidence only a person who is used to being in the spotlight a lot can have. My heart stops every time she makes her rounds to correct our positions and postures. When she places her filigree hands on my back, when her fingers touch mine, it is nearly impossible for me to focus on her instructions. When I finally told my partner about my secret crush he laughed in relief and admitted that he felt exactly the same!

Ever since we have been fantasising about a threesome. Maybe we'll get lucky one day and we'll be the only people coming to class. Maybe she will shut the door of the dance studio and maybe she will let her fingers slide down my back and pull me closer while her other hand reaches for my partner's hand..Oh god I need to stop.