Irene and Sebastian: The Erotic Exploits of an Empath and a Narcissist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Irene

I hear the door open and close and sense the presence of another in the room. Someone takes my left hand and moves it to a breast, the breast of a young, nubile woman. She takes my forefinger and sucks it into her mouth, wetting it, then directs it back to touch her taut nipple. Again, the door opens and closes, admitting another, who takes my right hand and repeats the ritual, moving in tandem with her cohort. Then, with their free hands they fold down the cotton sheet to my navel. Simultaneously, I feel two pair of lips kissing each of my breasts, then tongues licking my nipples, and fingers adding a layer of pleasurable pressure. Soon I sense a third presence standing at the foot of the massage table. Gripping my feet #3 slowly and gently pulls me down the table until my legs hang over the edge, bent at the knees. She slowly parts my legs. I am deliciously wet. #3 has bent over the massage table and planted herself between my legs. She parts my swollen labia with her index fingers, and I feel an enthusiastic tongue tip lapping at my clitoris, my aching vagina again penetrated digitally. #3 draws her face back, then lowers her mouth again, this time massaging my clitoris with a round, smooth metal tongue piercing that drives me wild. Sebastian knocks and asks, ‘May we enter?’ 'Yes,’ I answer. #1 and #2 have covered my breasts with lipstick imprints left from their kisses, one side red, the other hot pink. Sebastian moves away from the door to stand behind #3. He grabs #3’s hips and unceremoniously enter her from behind. Sebastian disengages from #3 and moves to my right side, playfully spanking #3 as he leaves. #2 greets Sebastian with a long kiss and a tug on his cock, which he returns on her nipple. I grab the back of Sebastian’s head and swiftly pull him down to my own nipple. He shows little to no resistance; in fact, I am aware of a new wave of arousal that presents in his rising cock, which sways in response to his rhythmic sucking. #3, with her titillating silver ball, has been replaced by #4, specifically, #4’s cock. He teases my clitoris with his member, then enters me partially, stops, and exits. He repeats these steps, then roughly thrusts his entire shaft into me. I find the fissure between Sebastian’s buttocks and insert a middle finger into his anus. Sebastian stiffens in response. I establish a rhythm that includes Sebastian, bringing us all to a violent climax.