A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nagiko

We are one and a half days until New Years Eve. Today I began to read “American Psycho”, I’ve passed only the first chapter with an obvious realization that he was right — because he’s always right —  again. The book is brilliant and exciting. I tried to continue reading but kept feeling in ecstasy of his mind. I’ve become one of this people that like to fuck with brains, not literally, I’m not that perverted. I mean that I’ve become into a pervert sapiosexual who craves BDSM sex. Have you ever been too horny to read? Too horny to quit imagining how to strategically bind that person and play? I had to put the reading down and elaborate into a story with a game that I would love to play.

…I tied him to the bed, covered his eyes with piece of cloth and then I began to suck him, I sucked him until I could feel his testicles getting firm, then stopped. I silently walked around the bed admiring his face of excitment and a playful intriguing expression of what would come next. ”Don’t just stare at it, eat it” a quote from “American Psycho” resembles suddenly in my head, making me burst into a small laugh. He asks what is going on, I walk a few steps toward the bed, I tell him that if anyone should make a film of our porn, it should be Patrick Bateman. I rearrange the bondage so he’s unable to close or move his legs. He’s calm and I begin to lick his asshole then I suck it, lick it until he gets harder and orders me to stroke his cock, I don't obey his demand and instead I remove the cover from his eyes. I’m over-stimulated just by watching him, I get on the bed, standing above his face and with barely open legs to arouse my clitoris. I am so wet that some of it falls on his nose. He politely asks me to sit on his face to lick me, I say “No, I have to cover your eyes again because we are playing a game”. I kiss him and bite his lip and tell him to repeat after me:

— “First finger, please”

— First finger, please.

I dip in my fingers into myself to get them wet, jerk off a little because I can, I make him wait for what is coming...