A Sexual Fantasy

— By roydumble

My partner, J, and I are enjoying widening our erotic encounters. We recently visited a local swingers club for the first time and had some nervous but enticing fun with each other but limited our interaction to voyeurism regards the other members. Just as the night ended for us, a handsome younger man asked to play with J. He was covered in tattoos and J had a light very brief play as I watched, and I realised how erotic it was to watch her with another man.
Before we left, and without J knowing, I approached Ink and arranged for him to visit our house the following weekend, giving instructions for the encounter.
That night I set the scene with J for a home alone kink time with some of our dungeon furniture - cross, spreaders, benches and toys. I had J warmed up, teased, and bound to the cross, blindfolded, and Ink knocks on the door. J was very nervous, not wanting me to open the door, but she couldn't do anything. I go to the door and let Ink in and lead him into the room. I whisper to him, reminding him of the instructions and intent of the evening, but not so loud that J could hear clearly. I approach J and explain to her who had arrived. She is very hesitant but I can see her excitement growing as she thinks about Ink, and the brief encounter she had with him the previous weekend. No further words are spoken by Ink or myself, as he then begins his pleasuring of J. I sit back and enjoy the eroticism of watching, occasionally joining in, and sometimes Ink sits out and watches. J doesn't know who is doing what to her,and sometimes attempts to find out by asking who it is that is doing a particular act. But Ink and I maintain our discipline and J eventually abandons herself just to reveling in continued orgasmic pain/pleasure.
The night ends with Ink at the door, coat on, ready to leave. I lead J to the door and the three of us are there, with J still blindfolded, no conversations. Both Ink and I kiss her deeply. Then I remove the blindfold from J. Ink opens the door and leaves, as J sees him for the first time that evening...