In the jungle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Taelia

When I first met Leandro I was visiting my host family in Brazil. I saw him at a music festival and he asked me to dance. After one song we parted and he vanished and I thought I would never see him again. One week later I was at his house, because we were invited to a samba. I didn't know it was him or his house until he was standing right in front of me. We talked all night and made love under the stars and the full moon in the garden of his farm. The next day we parted and again, I thought I would never see him again as my holiday was coming to an end and I had to go back to Germany at the end of the week. The same night he appeared at the doorstep of my sister's house and we decided to spend the last days together.

Back at home in Germany I could think of nothing, but that I wanted to see him again, so after one month I packed my things and travelled back to Brazil. We spent one month together, making love under the sun, the moon and the stars. On the rocks in front of a waterfall, on the top of a mountain, hundreds of feet above the trees and in all kinds of places in nature. Connecting with him I felt something primal emerge within me. I never felt so close to nature or myself before.

He made me realize that I am a wonderful part of this beautiful creation, that is our planet. With him, I understood that sex is more than two bodies connecting, but can be something way more intimate, spiritual. I understood for the first time that it is holy.