I kissed the stranger in front of my husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jacknace

I was awake on my bed, thinking on how my husband and I decided to involve a stranger in our life, or share our bed to be precise. I lay there pondering on how it made my husband feel and how I felt about it. The notion of opening up our marriage was experimental and even though we haven’t talked about it, I knew that neither of us had any regrets.
The two of us lay there on the bed and not a thread on us. Last night was hot, steamy and passionate and new to us. I have never had pleasures in such high magnitudes in my life. The very thought of it made my heart skip; I was getting worked up, my insides twitched and I almost leaned in to wake him up. He was spent from last night, all three of us were, but he had to put in more and I did not want to deprive the poor thing of his sleep. May be when he wakes up we can carry on from where we stopped last night…oh…last night…the night that started a new wave in our life.
I remember last night vividly, nervous as I was, in front of the mirror putting on my makeup and grounding my mind on the fact that we were about to open our marriage to strangers. In the back of my head also came memories of nights when our sex life was brimming with passion with no outside indulgences. As years of memories flashed before my eyes, I could also feel the emptiness I felt as life took its natural course and all that was new and exciting became a routine. There was no more love making, just sex performed as a ritual that both of us (or one most time…) half-heartedly and sometimes grudgingly climaxed to. There was love between us and there will always be. However, the physical needs can be overwhelming at times and our affection for each other would take a toll for a brief moment.

My husband was in the shower and I knew that he was equally excited. I was finished with my makeup and stood before the mirror turning my face from side to side looking for unwanted smudges or goops. I untied and slowly slid my bath robe down and looked at my body feeling the same insecurity I felt when I first met my man. I felt a shiver up my spine as I looked at my middle aged body. I could also see the reflections of the clothes I was about to wear. Dark shades of red tend to appeal to the sensuality in people and hence the color of my dress, a beautiful set to go with the dress and shoes matching in color. To my amazement I realized that everything other than my perfume were brand new. My husband too made some purchases once we decided to give our new life a try. We were really going to do this…
The night club was alive with music and life. People were dancing to the beats, dancing in pairs, coupling with strangers, dancing alone and some even making out on the dance floor. My husband and I walked to the bar, ordered a drink and scanned the club. We were supposed to meet a couple in the club by the bar. Slowly sipping on my drink I remembered about the ground rules we set for the night. The moment one of us felt awkward we would stop and never look back. This rule kind of kept ringing in my ears throughout. We decided to sit at the lounge and wait for the couple to arrive. I watched people dancing, writhing against each other, breathing heavily, looking into their partner’s eyes with their lips barely touching. My husband was turned on. I knew because I saw him fumbling and fiddling with his cell phone saying something about giving them a call. It was so loud in there I could barely hear him. He stepped out of the club to make the call. Things were heating up for me as well…

My husband returned and sat beside me. He told me that the couple had changed their mind. I could hear the anger and disappointment in his words. Maybe he was too eager for this to work out. I convinced him that it could be a sign that opening our marriage was wrong. Disappointment took over me too with much expectation for the night. We have been preparing for a week, buying new stuff for the night and above all we were mentally set on doing this. But as I convinced my husband, I too saw the turn of events as a good sign in my own way and decided to not let the night go to waste. I asked my man for a dance. He smiled at me, a smile that I wanted to see, took my hand and led me to the dance floor.
We laughed, cracked jokes, made fun of each other’s dance moves and had so much fun. The music was good too, fast house verging on dirty electro kind of (that’s how my husband described it) and we were perspiring in no time dancing to it. We did not stop though because it’s been long time since I had that much fun. We were not bothered that there were other people around us on the floor. We kissed passionately and made out. His hands were all over my body, holding me close as we swayed to the fast paced music, hips grinding into each other and to the beat as well. The heat was rising in the club with the dancing, the music and being in my husband’s arms.
I heard a man from behind ask us if he could join us. My husband looked at me. I knew that look. I consented with a smile and we continued to move around the dance floor. We were contend with not having an open marriage though we talked about it and even got ready to go for it. We were at the club for that one reason. I did not feel the need to adopt the swing style anymore and I am pretty sure my man would feel the same. But this curiosity got in my mind as to how far we would have gone. I knew it would be hard for me to watch my husband with another girl. Would I have let it happen? How would my husband feel if he saw me with another man? Would he have gone all the way?

I started to dance closer to the stranger still watching for any reaction from my husband. Just a smile and he moved closer to me. I turned towards the stranger and continued to dance to the music. After sometime I slowly planted a kiss on his lips. My husband stopped dancing and looked at me. It was a confused look. The guy started to kiss me back passionately and I kept looking at my husband as though waiting for him to do something. I still don’t know what came over me at the time. I made out with a stranger right in front of my husband. I was not even sure what the consequences would be. It was as though I did not care although I did. I did care for my husband and I still do. I love him.
The night came to a close eventually. My husband did not say a word on our way home. I was nervous and this time not out of excitement. I kept asking him if he was okay. I hoped that he would understand and see that it was exactly why we went to the club for. As soon as we entered the house he grabbed me and kissed me wildly. Passion and lust are dominating ingredients and I knew we were under its spell. We did not wait any longer. Our barriers were broken, limitations forgotten and inhibitions gone. We met our physical needs throughout the night quenching our thirst again and again and again.
Poor thing must be tired from last night but all the memories were turning me on. I am burning up with desire and finding it hard to keep it down. I rolled to the foot of the bed and started to slowly and gently play with him (you know where!). It’s the best way to wake a man up and he did. My husband walked out of the shower into the room and looked at me as I softly caressed the stranger. I know that look! I gave him a smile.