I'm a Submissive Feminist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

I just finished showering that evening when he texted me.

Him: "what are you doing?"
Me: "not a good time, I'll be late for a meeting."
Him: "what meeting? So there's something more important than me? ;) "
Me: "with the people from the feminist discussion group. We're making a campaign against a possible law review that'll outlaw casual sex."
Him: "aaw. Stupid government. Your country sounds like it's moving 200 years back in civilization."
Me: "yes, and now it's weird that I just said I'm a feminist to a guy I'm being submissive to. Oh the irony."
Him: "I can fuck your ideals down your cunt very well."
Me: "only cause I let you to. Now I gotta go, I have that meeting."
Him: "what are you wearing? I hope it's something red"
Me: "still in the towel cause you haven't let me put this phone down lol"
Him: "good. I want to see how you shed it. And change into something red. And do stuff in between. That meeting can wait another 15 minutes. My aching dick can't."
Me: "yes, master."
Him: "now get on Skype."