I'm A Slave To You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amante

I have always fantasized about having an attractive, domineering and aggressive woman tie me up and make me her sex slave. My roommate's ex fits that description very well and I have started to fantasize obsessively about her doing it to me. I had never imagined her in that role until about the time they divorced and she moved out and now I'm dying to have it happen with her. I was kind of intimidated by her at first but she started being extra nice to me towards the end and began to flirt with me when he wasn't there. I flirted back because I didn't take it seriously so it was fun to play along and it felt kind of risky. She stopped by recently while he was gone (intentionally, I am hoping) to get some things and hugged me on her way out, backing me against the wall and seductively writhing her hips against me, then looking me up and down suggestively before going on her way, all without saying a word. Try as I may to be rational, I can't help but think that she was clearly saying "I want to fuck you". I keep re-imagining it and have been fantasizing endlessly about being her toy from that night forward. I am a great performer in bed and I want so bad for her to trap me underneath her, force me to please her and then make me fuck her. I imagine her coming over sometime when he is out of town and tying me down to a bed spread-eagle and proceeding to punish me with pleasure seemingly for hours until I can't stand it and then finally fucking me, supposedly against my will. I fantasize that she is naked on top of me, stroking her vagina against my cock, making me feel her just enough to make me crazy but not letting me in, while she drives her tongue into my mouth. She holds me down by my biceps and reminds me again and again that I am her slave, I am under her complete control, and that and she is going to have me, whether I like it or not. It's very easy to imagine her doing that, given her personality. She would always flirt and tease with me in a way that put her in the dominant position, which makes me think and hope that perhaps she has actually thought about sexually overpowering me. Absurd as it sounds, I have the unbearable urge to let her know about my fantasy. I think she's wild enough that she might like the idea. It's making me fucking crazy-horny because there seems to be some basis in reality for it to happen, unlike the countless other times I have entertained this fantasy. I would NOT want it to end with only one night of her seducing me of course, so my continuing fantasy would be that she corners me and makes me consent to being her slave again whenever she wants me, on call.