If it fits, I want it

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I'm naked, blindfolded, tied to a pole dancers pole on the center of the podium. This is a wager with my boyfriend - I've lost and this is my punishment. I hear people entering the room, chattering with eachother, excited about what is going to happen. I hear the host speaking through a microphone, announcing what is going to happen.
And I'm standing there, waiting for what is going to happen... All of a sudden I feel about a dozen hands touching my slender body, caressing my breasts, buttocks, vagina and even my butthole! Someone releases the chain from the pole, and I am forced on my knees. Soon I feel a cock against my lips and I open my mouth to let him in. The other guys keep on playing with my breasts and soon I feel two fingers touching my clitoris, and I start moaning despite the cock in my mouth. The men change places, and another man pushes his cock in my mouth. Suddenly, I feel a finger finding it's way in my butt, and the guy pushes his cock, still wet of my own saliva in my eager butthole. He pulls me over him, so he is lying on his back, with me on top of him, my pussy visible for everyone in the room. But not for long. Soon I feel two, then three, then four fingers stretching my pussy, until I cannot take more. Then, the hand is removed, and another cock fills my dripping wet pussy. The two guys fuck me in a beautiful smooth rythm, when one goes in, the other pulls out! I feel yet other cocks in my hands, I start jerking them off, and one fills my mouth. Soon, the guys I am jerking off spill their load over my breasts, and the guy I am sucking comes suddenly in my mouth. There is so much of it, that I cannot swallow it all, so it pours over my lips, leaking all over me. The men fucking me, start thrusting harder and harder, and come suddenly, pulling their squirting cocks out of my holes, and cover me in yet more sperm. Then, the show is over, and my blindfold is removed, and I see the audience, applauding for such an entertaining show. Covered in sperm, I bow to the audience...