I meow for you

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheGoodKitty

Being a good kitty for my mater is my purpose. He gives me milk to lick - and so I lick that white liquid from a small bowl, while it runs down onto my chin, neck and all the way to my breasts. He pets my smooth skin while I lay in his lap - sometimes I get too horny and my master can feel my wetness running down onto his thighs. He takes me around on a leash - for others to envy him such a well-behaved kitty. When he eats my pussy out, I meow. He likes me to meow. One evening, he brought home an older man to watch us. I was just playing with my own breasts covered in milk when I saw in the other man's eyes how desperately he wanted to touch them too. I felt so exposed and curious. I kneeled closer to him, he almost touched me but my master pulled me back on my leash and bent me over. Then I got punished. He was spanking my ass while telling me that I am only his kitty. I understood and praised his dick playfully. My master awarded me afterwards. I meowed loudly in joy. The other man came closer, he wanted to see more. My master allowed him to lick my nipple while he was going crazy on my clit. I held both of their heads, clenching my long sharp red nails into their skin, when I exploded. Oh god, my master knows exactly what his kitty likes. He is such a good master. I love to obey him.