I Love Dancing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By the.dancer

I love dancing, and I do it pretty well. I like starting with a lot of movement and fun, samba and tropical music with my friends. As the night approaches I look for slow, sexy songs for showing off on my own. I love the way my boyfriend stares at me with passion. I love the way that strangers stare at me with desire. Sometimes they get closer to dance with me, but I tell them that my boyfriend is looking, and they leave. One day, while we were getting undressed in the bed, I asked my boyfriend what would happen if eventually a handsome one says that he doesn't care and dances with me, close to me, touching me. He said that I'm free to do whatever I want. - Kissing him as well? - Yes. I grabbed his cock. - What if he wants more? He took a purple dildo from the drawer. He told me to kneel down and fuck myself with the toy. - You look so sexy when you fuck. I closed my eyes and imagined I was on top of a cute guy that asked me to dance recently. - No, look at me -my boyfriend said-. Open your eyes and look at me while you fuck him. All this begun with me stroking his cock with my mouth. As if no day passed, suddenly it was not the purple dildo that I was fucking, but a tall, older man that first said that he didn't care if my boyfriend saw me dancing with him. When we did, I looked at my boyfriend eyes and we both knew that in a few hours we would be as we are now, in our bed, with his fat cock wet with my saliva and inside me.