I Love Couchsurfing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Catcher in the Rye

part of this story is real, part of it is a fantasy that gets me wet every time. A few years ago I was travelling through Europe and staying with different people in different cities. This one time, a broadly smiling and pleasant-looking young man (let's call him James) picked me up from the bus station to guide me into his shared apartment where I would spend the night. I immediately drawn to him, his openness and laughs. When I entered the apartment, James' flatmate Marc greeted me friendly and offered me some tobacco. The apartment was cozy with hippie-vibes, full of smoke and equipped with a nice couch. The three young men living there and running a small coffeeshop downstairs hosted couchsurfers regularly and seemed to love chatting and sharing. Soon I found myself entangled on the couch, smoking a cigarette and listening and laughing at James' stories, my leg absently stroking up and down James' foot while my head rested on Marc's shoulder....When I felt James getting hard, power and arousal seemed to rush through my whole body. I gave him a tentative look and, ever so innocent, dropped my hand into Marc's lap. The two men exchanged a short look. Suddenly, James grabbed my wrists with one hand and lifted them above my head. I let out a surprised gasp. I hadn't thought that his grip would be so hard. He came closer to my face and stroked it with the other hand. "You want this, don't you? Are you excited to fuck both of us?" "Yes" I could hardly say the word. Never had anyone talked to me like that and it made me crazy. "Yes" I choked again. Marc slipped off my tank top and ran his fingers down my spine. I moaned and twisted, still unable to move my hands, wanting to touch him, to touch both of them. Marc laid me down on the table, kissing my whole body, then pushing inside me. First I moaned softly while he penetrated me, but when I could feel the silky skin of a hard penis on my lips, I opened my mouth. My body and mind seemed to explode. I was fucked in my mouth and pussy at the same time and came many times that night. I love couchsurfing.