I Heard It Through The Grapevine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wine Girl

I live in a small town with a lot of vineyards. In August we have a lot of wine festivals with small tents, music and of course lots of delicious wine. Somehow wine has a special magic when you drink a bit to much, we call it "weinselig" which means something like "merry with wine". At this time of the year the people from the city make their ways through the grapevines, drinking, laughing, celebrating. The guys are always very well dressed and the girls wear their light dresses and beautiful jewelry. I have this fantasy where I get to know a group of guys and girls while wandering through the vineyard festival. We have a lot of fun and start to flirt with each other. At some point a guy recommends to buy some more bottles of wine and we all take a walk together through the vineyard where we have a picnic with wine bottles and grapes. We continue flirting with each other and at some point we get weinselig. We forget about our jobs, about our behaviour, we just let our lust go in the middle of the vineyard...