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A Sexual Fantasy


this is one entrance of my diary (all events are real)

He wanted me to change his mind after he said he would be busy with work. I love it when he does that, he is never predictable, he gives me a time limit, say 2 minutes, and just listen to the ideas coming from me and I work my ass off to come up with a creative idea and be his. Just like last night, he said: ‘Next thing you say will make me decide. Choose your words very carefully, and be fast I have to take a shower’ I offered to stand naked in his balcony while it was raining, and he accepted it. I kissed him when I arrived there- I was naughty and overjoyed- like a kid who was first grounded and rewarded later…I told him the first kisses should never count because I keep forgetting- especially when it is something irresistible like kissing him…I could not kiss him for a while, but he kissed me-I just melted each time he kissed me… He kissed the scars that I got when we went for a walk- he held my feet and kissed each one of them softly; and I felt my body, my skin was his, he owns me, he is like a conquerer, and I am truly his, and it feels so good to surrender to him.

I could not kiss him, but I could suck his cock and lick him the way he taught me and felt him shake with pleasure- and seeing him shake gives me more pleasure than he gets…

Then, he told me to put his cock inside me very slowly.‘Do it very slow and kiss me properly’ he said and we fucked on a chair in the living room. He came to my mouth and I was able to have a taste of his delicious com… He sent me to bed and wanted me to sleep my legs wide open. I was lying in bed like I was ordered, and he came to the room, got into bed and without saying anything, he went down and started licking me….

He does it patiently, taking his time, discovering my sensitive spots and uses his fingers at the same time, makes me come like that, but I am still dying to have him inside me.