Because I am Her Master

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eye

I call my wife from work on a Friday morning. I tell her to be dressed up and ready to go out when I get home from work.
I arrive a few minutes early but she is prepared. We embrace and I slip handcuffs onto her wrists and her arms are suddenly restrained behind her back. As she begins to ask what I am doing, I slip a black velvet bag over her head. She lets out a loud gasp and I tell her that if she does as she is told she will be fine.
I lead her to the garage and help her into the back seat of our car. I tell her to lay down and be quiet. As soon as she is settled and secure, I close the door.
I start the car, back out and begin our journey. After two hours of driving in obedient silence, we arrive at a big house in the mountains. I open the back door of the car and tell her to sit up. I unlock the cuffs and tell her to undress. I tell her to take all of her clothes off. She protests and I remind her to be a good subordinate. She slowly removes her clothes and asks if she can remove the velvet bag. I tell her she may, if she is sure she wants to. She reaches up takes off the bag and stares at me in disbelief.

I tell her to get out of the car and look around, explaining that she is at least forty miles from the nearest neighbor and that she is free to leave or if she stays she can make all the noise she wants to. She asks me why I am doing this and I explain that I am doing it because I am her master.
I lead her to the front door of the house and tell her to knock. A dark haired dominatrix opens the door and looks my wife up and down. "She is beautiful I will enjoy training her," she says to me. My wife turns and looks me in the eyes. I return her look and tell her calmly that Sabrina is going to spend the weekend teaching her to pleasure women and that I am going to watch.