A Sexual Fantasy

— By mandymozart1

Since centuries Burschenschaften and fraternities have not only been very well kept secrets, but also place of sexual exploration of young boys and of course teachings through their elders. It is not uncommon practice to hire women for sex. Primarily what is the appealing and mysterious part, what happens during the rituals. Nevertheless, this mystery has still not made me join those conservative kingdoms of pure male expression.

In the last year or so I came to know a lot of girls that are smart, sexy and powerful that joined one fraternity called hysteria in Austria. Fighting for the golden Matriarchat. Drinking, eating and perhaps, since their codex is pretty identical to the male counterpart, I have that same fantasy again of being tricked into coming to their secret meeting and ending up in a group exploration of whatever sides Burschenschaften being out in feminist girls and women when the have absolute power over a not submissive but this this case helpless male.