Hungry for more

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Arianefred

I have discovered my capacity to have multiple orgasms during sex with one partner, and even if it feels really good when my man eventually comes, there's a secret part of me that wishes that I could just continue my ascension towards an even bigger orgasm...
My mind wanders towards a very arousing image:
Two men are laying on long benches (which are just the right height for my legs) and they're hard, just waiting for me to glide them inside. I'm doing all the work, and I would even like them to have their hands tied so that I can be in control.
I start by sucking the first man, until that tingling feeling in his hard cock tells me he's on the verge of coming and then I straddle and ride him like a hurricane, until we see stars. I love that feeling when a very hard cock, with the veins, brushes against the swollen lips of my vulva and my g-spot. I have my first orgasm. I wait a little before taking him out of me, because coming down a bit with him inside is part of the fun.
Then I go to the second man, wet with the cum of the first man. Ideally, the second one is hard and I suck him with gusto until his moaning and the hardness of his cock tells me he's very excited. I sit on him, but this time, I take the reverse position, facing his feet. I look at his balls while I go up and down on his stiff penis. I'd like to feel his gaze on my ass and to see his toes curl. I'm ready to go next level and I wait for him to come before abandoning myself to my second orgasm, which lasts longer than the first.
In this fantasy, I then dive in a lake with those two smiling men. We kiss in the water and let ourselves float, completely relaxed :)