Humiliate me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My GF invited me to an wild new year's eve party, in a swingers/ BDSM club. The idea was, that everybody attending the party, would hang a note with it's deepest sexual wish in a christmas tree. Later, one wish would be fulfilled at the start of the new year. A few hours later, just after new year, a person announced who's secret wish was to be fulfilled, and to my surprise, it was mine! Reluctantly, I came forward, and I was helped on stage, to receive my prize.
Two strong body builder types drag me into the dungeons. There, I am tied to an iron cross. With a big knife, my dress is cut off my body and I am standing there naked, trembling, knowing what is to come. The Dungeon Master steps forward,and starts insulting me, calling me Slut, worthless Slave, Fuckmeat, etc. I tremble even more, but keep looking him proudly straight in the eye. He then orders the two men to blindfold and gag me, making it impossible for me to see what will be happening, or cry or moan loudly... Then, the first stroke of the whip... pain flooding me, drowning me. After about ten lashes, I am in a state of trance, hardly noticing what is happening. After that, they wake me out of it, giving me a good spanking on my tortured buttocks with two leather paddles. His assistants clamp my nipples and labia with weighted clamps, making my ordeal even greater. Almost fainting, I hang in my armclamps, waiting for my punishment to be over. But then, the Dungeon Master invites all to do whatever they want with me, I was available for any depravity they wished to perform on me. About two hours later, I hang there, covered in the sweat and fluids of multiple people, sore from so many penetrations. Carefully, I am taken off the cross, and escorted to a dressing room, where they will take care of me, and clean me up.
They did an tremendous job with my Christmas present...