How She Likes It

A Sexual Fantasy

— By yupyup

My girlfriend and I are considering making a shared fantasy real. She wants to have two men, and I want her to have what she wants. She finds a nice looking, and perhaps unsuspecting, guy online and invites him to discuss the possibility of a threesome. It is a first for all of us, and the jealousy risk and competition creates a sexual charge. She meets him on her own to discuss what she wants from him and what she doesn't want from him, to see if he will agree to her terms: both of us with her but not each other; fucking and sucking but no kissing; where he should cum but when he should leave. When he arrives she explores him for a while on her own with me watching, to see if he is what she wants. She watches me as she crosses the threshold of our fantasy. When she has decided, she invites me in. She is active and her pleasure is our focus. She wants it, and I want her to want it all.