House of Senses

A Sexual Fantasy

— By paulinho67

I have this kind of fantasy/sex game, with my wife. I call it the House of Senses. It's a house with 5 rooms, where I take my wife on a tour for an experience of the 5 senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste.

To begin she will have to dress in hot and sexy lingerie, ready to be handcuffed, blindfolded and with headphones in her ears to isolate her from exterior sound. Then we begin her mysterious trip.

We enter the first room, where a mixture of smells hover in the air from numerous perfumes and sweaty people making love. The odors of sex.

After awakening her desire through smells we keep going to the next stage of this erotic experience.

The audition room is where she will take out the headphones to listen to the pleasure and the screams of people making love, before being invited to do the same. It is a blind and tempting invitation to join this mess full of pleasure. With her heart beat climbing and her desire escalating, it is time to taste...

With my help guiding her, she begins to lick and taste alternate cocks, pussy's, breasts and kisses from several couples present in that taste room. It seems like a punishment, but it is just one more step to what is to come and complete the "game".

Now this experience becomes red hot, it is time to touch and be touched. In this room she experiences me holding her hands as she touches the skin, hair, faces, lips, ears, necks, chests, breasts, arms, bodies, cocks, pussy's, asses... everything. And in uncoordinated but smooth movements, everyone is touching her, heightening the adrenaline.

Ready to finish this extraordinary experience with the general vision of all of this, it is time to unfold and free her hands, and with all senses awakened and at the mercy of pleasure, she can surrender to the fleshy desire, and in the middle of everyone, do whatever she wants, taking advantage of everything available to her...including me.