Hotel bar happy hour

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kimr2101970

The presentation to senior management had gone great and Sam, Josh, and I were blowing off some steam in the hotel bar before going our separate ways back home. We had bonded, though things were tense early on, as the guys were not happy about taking the backseat to a rising star: myself a woman 10 years younger.

The tab was paid and we entered the elevator together. Just as the doors closed Josh pushed me into the corner and his mouth was on mine. Totally shocked, I hesitated as he forced his tongue into my mouth. I went to push him away but instead my arm went around his neck and I pulled him harder against me. Sam was on my other side, opening my blouse. Jerking my bra down he sucked and bit my painfully erect nipple.

The elevator door opened and they pulled me down the hall, blouse hanging loosely at my waist. The hotel door opened and I was pushed on the bed. Someone tore down my skirt and my panties soon followed. A hungry mouth devoured my wet pussy as a hard cock was thrust into my mouth. They spent the rest of the night using me as their toy, making me climax again and again as they used me in ways I had never dreamed of...