A hot summer and damp genitals

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Crinkly crusher

Enough is enough. I've reached 50 and have always had a crinkly crush (from afar) on an older woman. She is blond, well dressed and supremely sexy. |Her smile is enough to make me excited and wish I could be with her.

This all happened on a hot sultry summers day. I passed her in the street, her as sexy as ever, me looking OK. I struck up a conversation and one thing led to another and before I knew it I was lying on a rug in her garden sipping Champagne and that was only half of it. I was in my boxer shorts, she La Perla bra and thong. It wasn't long before it all came off and I could see her in all her glory. She was beautiful for someone who had ten years on me!

Under the circumstances it was difficult not to have an erection. She was clearly horny too and within a short time we were enjoying oral sex together. Then my phone went off and (I had forgotten for a moment) it was my wife. Knowing that a threesome was on the cards I divulged where I was. My wife shot round, notout of anger, but to be part of the fun. Within a moment of her arriving I had a blonde older lady and my dark skinned wife both paying me attention. Heaven, bliss. The sun and two ladies aimed at my penis.

I was almost dripping with excitement, sperm seeping out of me as my blonde crush took my throbbing penis in her mouth. She didn't notice I had come and proceeded to glide my penis inside her vagina which was as moist as a 20 year olds. Now wasn't the time for holding back. I came again inside her, and not to be outdone came again inside my wife after cumming in her mouth.

Luckily for me this was repeated many times over the long hot summer giving me magical memories of a hot summer and damp genitals.