My Hot Professor and his Wife

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Polylove

This is my story... after this week I will no longer be a university student, there is one experience that, if missed I know I will regret. I have the most erotically attractive composition professor, in his late 30s. There is something about his tight jeans, black monochromatic clothes and a fusion of Gothic and hipster look that is electrifying. One day we added each other on Facebook and I discovered that his wife was just as hot, dressed tastefully with dark lipstick, mysterious. And so... this fantasy came to me, how I was over at his office in the music department, going over some assignment question, sexual tension is starting to build up but we're both trying to be polite given our positions. Then, his wife walks in, perhaps she came to visit him for a lunch break. We all exchange looks, she leans in to give him a little hello kiss, then the kiss gets more passionate and I join in...

Soundtrack: J'said pas - Brigitte