A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheHount

I want to attach an anal hook to a nose hook and then add a fishhook to also open the mouth up. Her face is distorted because of the tightly secured hooks. Her back has to arch because of the anal hook, and she lies on her stomach and chest on a sort of wooden rack. The rack is only just long enough to support her from stomach to chest, and only wide enough to support her torso in the middle. It is located in an old industrial building, a large room with huge windows, and allows comfortable access to her pussy, ass and mouth when standing behind or in front of her respectively. In addition to the hooks her legs and arms are tightly bound. Her hands are at her shoulders and her feet touch the outside of her buttcheeks. They are totally covered in tape, so it appears she doesn't have hands or feet and the arms are only elbow long and the legs only knee long, the dangle at the side in mid air. She has no contact to the floor and can't move. She is bound by the waist onto the beam, so she doesn't fall.
There are three girls (at least 3, all in a row, all bound exactly the same) being displayed in the middle of the room drooling and aching, fully bound. The room is scarcely lit. Then out of the shadowy corners all sorts of weird looking totally nude guys (big, small, thin, fat, tatooed all over...) move towards the girls. They marvel at their distorted faces and start to kiss and lick the girls. Its as if they haven't seen anything so beautiful in their life, and soon they are taking turns to fuck all the pussy, ass and mouth available. It is a slow almost gentle fucking, but deep and penetrating, with a power to it: like an ancient ritual.