Honeymoon for four

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

We arrived in Cap d'Agde at the end of the day, so we didn't have time to visit the famous nude beaches. We come from Holland, seeking sun, fun, and a lot of sex. This is our honeymoon. The next morning, 10 AM. I woke up and noticed that she was already gone, couldn't wait for things to happen... So I quietly showered, and collected the things I needed on the beach, towel, sunoil, lube! Quietly, I walked the route towards the beach, seeing people sunbathing nude, having sex in all kinds of combinations, all in the open air!!! And then, I saw her, my young bride, having wild sex with two beautiful young men. She was riding the cock of a big, black man, while sucking another man's cock. I watched them for a minute, and then I kneeled behind her, lubricated my fingers a bit and started fingering the one opening that was still available: her butt! I heard a shout of surprise, when I penetrated her, but soon all I heard were moans of delight. When her butt was stretched and lubed enough, to take my cock, I lubed the head of it, and pushed it towards her eager butt. She moaned of surprise, when she felt my cock fill up the only hole still available. I synchronised my rhythm with another guy, our cocks pumping her simultaneously. Then, the guy in her mouth came, and gushed everything he had in her mouth, it leaked from her lips on her breasts. Now she had more space to move, and pushed her buttocks backwards, to help us pounding even deeper in her. We fucked her as hard an deep as possible, and suddenly, the guy came. A stream of white fluid leaked out of her, and now, I could work on our Grande Finale. I heard her moaning, and felt her butt tighten around my throbbing cock. I couldn't hold it any longer and after four or five last hard thrusts, I came too. Slowly, I pulled out. Carefully I helped her stand up, and walked her back to our cabin. Back, we showered together, and I made lunch. What a way to start our honeymoon!