Hit PLAY and do what I say

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Firehill

After ten years of marriage I took it upon myself to find ways to spice up our sex life. I work with audio and video for living and decided to make use of what I do best. So, I thought up a setting, wrote a script and recorded an audio file with timed instructions for my wife to carry out.

Her part was the classic French Maid - a role she had earlier eagerly suggested. I took my time to compile a fine twelve part set with lace lingerie and garter belt, even custom sewed her a lace apron. With the sexy attire ready, perfected with a feather duster I set up the surprise.

She had an hour to read my instructions and to get ready for the show. With her dress on, all ready to roll, she put on an earpiece and hit play. I was waiting for her in the studio as she walked in, drop dead sexy. She had no idea what was coming up next, and keenly took my recorded instructions on how to tease me and please me. I got to sit tight and let my fantasy unravel in front of - and all over - me.

We have used the same file three times now... Even though she has ordered a new one from me, I'll show her how to create one on her own for me next.