His First Anal

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Söt som Mjöd

It's midnight and it seems that we've found him. This was the third gay club that we've visited tonight. Me and my boyfriend who recently confessed to me that he was also attracted to men. Then I suggested that we find a man for us both. And this man is perfect. I can tell he knows exactly why we are here and what we are looking for. He is also pretty hot.
I squeeze Alex's hand and he follows my gaze.
"Yes," he says. "Are we going up to him?"
I look at the stranger invitingly. He's with us in no time.
After initial small talk, we go to our place. We talk and casually touch one another. Outside in the street, the stranger, whose name is Matt, puts his arm around Alex's waist. Then he grabs his face and kisses him, while Alex is holding my hand. Damn, that's hot.
"Let's go, guys," I urge them on. We quickly walk to our apartment building.
I lead Matt into the living room. I run my hands over his shoulders and chest. He smiles and leans down to kiss me. Alex joins us and we move onto the couch to kiss and touch. When Matt slips his hand into Alex's pants, Alex freezes.
"What do you want to do, Alex?" Matt asks. "Do you want me to fuck you? Or you both?" he turns to me.
"Everything," Alex replies.
"Yes," I say. "Let's move to the bedroom."
We get rid of our clothes. Alex is between me and Matt. He is lost in passion and it's unbelievably sexy. Matt looks at me as if seeking approval. I nod. He kisses Alex and turns him on his side to face me. I start kissing my dear lover. Matt fumbles with lube and condoms. Then Alex moans when he feels Matt's cock at his ass. I watch Alex's face and stroke his hair as he's being penetrated. The mixture of pleasure and surprise makes him even more beautiful to me.
"Oh my god," he repeats and holds me close to him. Matt is grinning at me, while he's fucking my bf. Alex is beside himself.
"Come, baby, I wanna be inside you," he begs me. I oblige him. I can hear his moans get louder and then he comes and I come immediately afterwards in response. We kiss and turn to Matt.
"Thank you."