High Speed Threeway

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Azraelaod

We were coming back from a wedding late one night. My wife and her friend had been dancing and drinking all night. Her friend was asleep on the back seat whilst my wife sat next to me up front as I drove. She was looking sexy as fuck, so I started to caress her thigh. Sliding my hand up her dress she tried to dissuade me saying that her friend was in the back and I could lose concentration on the road. I said it was ok, I wouldn't lose concentration. I continued sliding my hand up her dress as she opened her legs wider. Pulling her panties to one side I began to finger and rub her clit. Trying not to be too noisy she let out a tiny groan. 'Take them off' I said. She did and further opened her legs. I continued to rub her clit causing her to get really wet. I could hear her breathing getting quicker and she rocked pushing her hips onto my hand intensifying her pleasure. She groaned loader and came as I rubbed her clit. I checked the rear view to check her friend hadn't woken up. She hadn't but I noticed her dress had ridden up exposing her knickers. My wife climbed over the seat and sat next to Amy, putting her head on her lap. Causing her to stir and roll onto her back and bending her knees exposing her knickers further. Reaching between her thighs my wife slowly began to caress her above her panties. A few moments passed and Amy began to wake, looking up a bit surprised but happy that my wife was touching her. Reaching behind her head her hand slid up my wife's leg touching her. Trying not to crash I slowed and took the next exit and looked for somewhere quiet. Meanwhile, my wife had repositioned her leg so Amy could lick her pussy. I couldn't take it! I had to find somewhere! Parking my car under a bridge on a quiet lay-by I climbed over the seats, joining in licking Amy and my wife's pussies before fucking both in the back seat. With both sitting reverse cowgirl they took it in turns fucking me whilst they licked the others clit. Cuming in my wife as Amy licked her out caused her to cum again. Best trip home ever