He's Pretty In Pink

A Sexual Fantasy

— By -Anonymous

In public, well sometimes, my boyfriend and I seem like the perfect, vanilla (sex wise), over romantic type couple but behind closed doors it's a different story. Around the second year of our relationship we developed an unspoken game of whoever cums first subs after resulting in switching roles a lot. Just a few months ago I was reading something and came across the mention of lingerie for guys and that sparked a heat in me. So I secretly went to just a regular lingerie store and picked out the prettiest black lace panties that were relatively his size and bought them. Then the next time we were in a heated moment I made sure to win our little game and I asked him to wear the panties. At first he was slightly uncomfortable but after awhile he loved it and even went out to buy more. It just looked so good against his pale skin with the intricate lace patterns and little bows especially when he is begging, whining and pleading for me to take them off when I tease him and he's handcuffed to the bed. Now he wears them when we go out as well and knowing that my dominant, "manly" looking boyfriend is secretly wearing pink panties drives me crazy and heats me up from the inside out, forcing me to have to cut our outing short just to get him in bed to rip those panties off him.