Her wish is my command

A Sexual Fantasy

— By enanden2

On your birthday you get what you want -those are our rules. So it was nothing unusual to find myself being dressed in her heels and stockings and a posing pouch.
Blindfolded I was led into our specially heated play room. I could sense there was someone else in the room and felt myself harden a little further. I was instructed to kneel on the velvet topped bench at the foot of the bed and leant over the bed. The lube was cool and her fingers were gentle as she opened me up, and I felt the familiar pain/pleasure of the strap on as she eased into me.
"Open your mouth," she ordered me. I complied, and recoiled instinctively as something nudged at my mouth. The smell was unmistakeable. She seized my hair. "C'mon, sweetie, you know you can if it's for me," she urged, as the strange cock pushed again. I opened my mouth wider and gave in to the new sensations...