Her Job For The Evening is To Teach Him

A Sexual Fantasy

— By beyondxdoors

She and him are on their knees in front of me, looking up at me with eager anticipation in their eyes. This is a new situation for all of us, and they wait for me to take the lead. I tell her to start undressing me. To go slowly and to remove my clothes so that I am as naked as they are.

Her job for the evening is to teach him. How I liked to be touched. How I like to be sucked. What it takes to make me cum.

When I am naked, I lean down and whisper in her ear that the lesson can begin. She grabs him by the collar and pulls his face directly in front of my cock. One of their instructions for the evening is that they are not allowed to speak to each other, so she has to do all of her teaching by demonstration only.

She takes me fully into her mouth, wrapping her lips tightly around me and squeezing as she moves her head up and down my shaft. She knows that he is closely watching, so she works hard to show off how well she knows me. As my hardness begins to grow in her mouth, she pulls her head away and grabs him by the back of his head and forces him onto my dick.

She controls his movement by the fistful of hair she has in her hand. She guides his head backward and forward, showing him the pace and the pressure that I like. They continue to trade back and forth, taking turns using their lips and their tongues to please me. Her hand never leaves the back of his head and she directs all his movements including pulling his head away when she thinks he's being too greedy with his turns.

As I get close to the edge, I know that I'm going to have to decide where I cum, in his mouth or in hers. In-between their turns, they both look up at me eagerly, hopeful that they are the one chosen. As I get close, I take each of their heads in my hands by grabbing their hair, I pull them both off for just a second, and then pull one roughly onto my cock as I start to cum...