What happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas

A Sexual Fantasy

— By urhyung

For my 21st birthday, my boyfriend and I decided to head to the city of Sin itself Las Vegas. After a week of some fine dining, shopping, and gambling we decided to head to one of the local nightclubs on the strip. Couple of drinks in, I notice this very attractive guy from across the club. He wore this navy blue dress shirt which really showed off his muscular body and his broad shoulders. He comes over and instantly starts striking a conversation. I tell him it's my 21st birthday and he instantly buys me a shot. We continue to talk as a group and we find out he's a local who actually works as a promoter for the nightclub. After sometime, he offers to dance with me. My boyfriend agrees and we head out to the dance floor. As we dance, I start to feel his hands caress my waist and move down to my ass. He starts to grind his pelvis from my behind and I can start to feel his cock harden against my ass. Things continue to heat up and I look over to my boyfriend who I can tell is enjoying the view. As we continue to dance, my boyfriend and I continue to look at one another and it was then and there that we agreed to take him back to our hotel to continue the fun. With my boyfriend driving, he starts to play with my pussy from underneath my dress in the backseat. It was a difficult journey from the casino to our room with all the alcohol in my system but I managed to make it. Back in our room, both men work together to strip off my dress with one kissing my neck from behind while the one is licking my tits. I get on my knees and begin to blow them both and after sometime I find myself on the bed with one dick in my pussy the other in my mouth. Both men take turns ploughing me and in a spir of a moment I have both men inside me at once. Trying so hard not to scream I begin biting my lip while enjoying this new sensation. I can feel both cocks going in and out of my wet vagina and the feeling is painful yet pleasurable. After climaxing, I pass out from exhaustion only to wake up the next morning as if it were all a dream.