A Guide for Over Fifties

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ioscar

1. Remember her: It's Tuesday, darling! Look for her reaction. When smiling, suggest she takes off the clothes. If she doesn't agree, wait for Wednesday :)
2. Help her undress, but don't forget to caress her breasts and kiss her nipples. (30 sec)
3. If you are already in the bed, lie down and continue to caress her gently from head to toe. Stopping momentarily at her breasts or genitals. (3-4 min)
4. Lie on top of her, squeezing her with your hands whilst kissing. (2 min)
5. Move down slowly. As your dick grows, place them on one of her legs and begin to nibble her nipples whilst squeezing her breasts with your hands. Be gentle! (2 min)
6. Repeat kissing, sucking and nibbling. It's nice to suck and squeeze breasts! (2 min)
7. Make your way down to her bush, play with her pussy lips with your tongue. See if she likes it, then continue, if not, return to pt 6. (1 min)
8. In the mean time, she puts both hands on her pussy and begins to masturbate. (1 min)
9. Get onto your knees with her knee under your balls and start masturbating. (1 min)
10. Then move up to her breasts and start masturbating whilst squeezing them. (30 sec)
11. See if she is willing to suck your dick while masturbating herself. (30 sec)
12. Repeat pt 10 and 11. Remember, with tenderness! (2 min)
13. If you like to see her masturbating, go around the bed, or go out of the room, look at her through a slightly opened door and masturbate. (1 min)
14. Continue with pt 10 and 11. Still masturbating on her breasts, put the left hand on her pussy, placing the middle finger inside a little. Be in her rhythm! (x min)
15. To finish: she might invite you to come in to fuck and climax together, or she will finish while masturbating. You can finish on her breasts, but not on her face or mouth! Be a gentleman: if you don´t end together, always end after her!

Last  piece of advice: don't look at your watch unless you don't like to watch the burlesque! :)