Group Therapy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dabbi1214

I fantasize that my wife and I have found another couple that we find attractive. My wife would have her tan beefcake, not too muscly, with brown hair and green eyes. I would have my woman who would have light brown/blonde hair, tan and a medium build. We would all be in our hotel room naked. The women on the same bed doggystyle facing each other. Their heads side by side. Their asses out and up facing opposite walls. Him behind my wife. Me behind his. We would all have blindfolds that were to stay on until we all finished. All of us would then pull our blindfolds down. Shortly after I would take mine off. I would watch as my wife took pleasure in another man touching her. His face disappearing in between her cheeks tonguing her ass while rubbing her clit. Me pulling his wife back to me. Turning her around putting my cock in her mouth. Standing over her, wetting my finger tips I slowly caress her asshole while she eagerly sucks my cock. Slowly slipping my fingers in her wet pussy pulling out to gently slide them over her clit. I watch my wife as he goes under her spread out legs to eat her pussy, I see the pleasure on her face and hear her quiet moans she's trying to hold back. I pull his wife up and rub her pussy as I kiss her tits. Her stroking my cock. I turn her around back to how my wife is and slide my cock in her pussy. I move her face to my wife's and watch them kiss. I begin to fuck her slowly. Watching her rhythm kissing my wife being thrown off by moans from deep thrusts. He stands up and slides his cock in my wife's ass and gently fucks her. Once he's fucking her hard and fast I reach and pull her blindfold off her face and watch her watch me. I fuck his wife squeezing her tits and tugging her hair. She rubs her clit. My wife following suit. I stand his wife up and sit her down in my lap. I sit at the edge of the bed with her rolling her ass around in my lap. Fucking me she rests her back against my chest and takes my fingers to her clit. Grinding her ass and my cock deeper in her pussy. I watch my wife orgasm as I cum.