Good Kitty

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miss M.

I'm very kinky. It's not always easy to tell how the man I've just met will react. I like to fantasize about different ways of introducing kink in a new relationship. In one of my favorite fantasies it starts very gently. We just sit together on a sofa, talk, laugh and at some point I meow. It's a weird thing to do, but he freezes for a moment staring me in the eyes. "I like cats." he says. I meow again, this time a little more flirty. He starts patting me on my head and back. I start rubbing my head against him, purring. I can see this turns him on. I get down on the floor on all fours, meow and look at him playfully. "I'll bring you some milk." he says, and when he's back I'm on the floor in just my underwear. He puts a bowl in front of me and I start licking it slowly. "Good kitty" he says caressing my back, moving slowly towards my ass. He fingers me, watching as I keep licking milk through a mirror in front of us. Then we fuck, both knowing this is just the beginning. They're so many scenes, we just can't wait to play together...