Good Boy...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By GB

I never used to believe that BDSM was for me. I'm not into pain - inflicting or receiving - and like so many people, my idea of what constituted BDSM was very warped from the reality. Then, I began to read, and I discovered gentle femdom. No humiliation. No name-calling. No punishment... just tender, gentle domination.

And I love it...

Then, the more I read, the more I realised that a beautiful man that I know showed signs of being the most perfectly sweet submissive. He revels in being told what to do and guided in how to do it. Despite being the most gorgeous person I know, inside and out, he's not the most secure in his looks, nor does he realise how sweet he is, and his genuine demurral and humility is so appealing. He also has a praise kink that can't be missed, and he blushes so perfectly, shyly smiling as he ducks his head and glances at you through his long lashes with his clear, blue eyes.

And God help me, I want to Domme him like nothing else on this earth. I want to tie his hands to the headboard with soft leather cuffs and I want to tease him until he can't stand it. I want to tweak his nipples, tease him with a vibrator, worship his beautiful, intact cock without letting him come. I want to make him lick my pussy until I'm satisfied while I watch his dick twitch and then, when he's begging to come, that's when I'll blow his mind as I get my mouth on him and reward him for being so good for me with a finger or two in his ass at the same time, because everyone who possesses a prostate deserves to know the pleasure that can come from it. And the whole time, I'll tell him how good he is, how beautiful, how sexy, how obedient he's being for me, even as I unfasten him, wipe his dark hair away from his face, kiss him gently and tell him how much I adore him, because he's perfect for me, as I cuddle him, gently stroking his hair and his back. I want to make him feel safe, loved, and as beautiful as he truly is. I want to show him that he's perfect, with all his quirks, all the things that make him unique.

And if I'm really lucky? Next time he'll let me peg him, too.