Goldylocks And The Three Furries

A Sexual Fantasy

— By minskyandjojo

I always feel most free, alive and empowered when I ride my mountain bike through the forest. I love flying around turns, going over rocks and branches but mostly I love how my bike seat always vibrates in-between my legs as I ride. My fantasy is that one day after a particularly bad crash, I wake up in a beautiful tree house surrounded by three bears, (Guys in bear masks wearing some fur). I find myself laying down on their kitchen table. One bear is lovingly massaging my ears and stroking my hair. Another is making out with me and rubbing my chest and the third starts by caressing my thighs and ankles. Eventually he goes down and starts giving me oral sex that feels just SO right. After the first amazing orgasm the second bear trades places with the first. The second bear starts to give me oral sex while the other two bears rub my body up and down with their luxerious soft fur, my body tingles with all the pleasurable sensations. The second orgasm is even more powerful and intense than the first. The third bear takes a turn at the end of the table and while elevating my hips at an angle, he proceeds to push and thrust deep into me while the other two bears take turns making out with me and hungrily and desperately kissing my body. The third orgasm is the best! Afterwards the three bears offer to make me breakfast. I tell them maybe another time and hop back on my bike. As I ride away I see them eyeing me over their bowels of breakfast giving me wistful and longing looks as I pedal deeper into the forest.