The Goddess who birthed God

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aifatunji88

The first god was birthed by the goddesses.

My fantasy is a sacred sex ritual being performed by goddesses that are giving birth to a god. There are many archetypal goddesses or deities from all parts of the world. There are the Egyptian gods, the Norse Asgardian gods, the greek Olympian and Titan gods, the African Yoruba gods, the Roman gods, the Mayan, Incan, or Aztec gods. The fantasy is for a god (male deity) to be born he must be initiated or birthed by all of the goddesses of love from all of the pantheons around the world. All of these goddesses come together in a sex and love ritual with the initiate and he must worship them inside and out to gain enough favor from all of the goddesses to be made into a god or immortal being.

Each goddess will test him in different sexual positions and activities. Each goddess must sing her fully climactic goddess song (orgasm) for him to earn enough favor to complete the ritual.

What I love about this fantasy is that it portrays women from all corners of the world as goddesses displaying the diversity of our world. It also illustrates a truth that man came from woman and there was goddess before there was god. It shows that women are the divine creatures that have the power of giving birth and should always be involved when any sort of birth or rebirth takes places.