Give all the pleasure to my dom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tasteofpleasure

For a year or two I went to a lot of BDSM events where I lived and I always had the fantasy of going with my dominant partner as her sub. In female domination world, there is a lot of humiliation or physical pain as pleasure which is what I mostly did but in this fantasy, it's all sweet but still I'm serving her pleasures, it's just about her. I'm wearing a collar, she takes me to different rooms to watch different people have their plays and scenes until at some point she goes and sits in one of comfortable couches in the social area where there are snacks and other people, she sits next to these other people and I'm sitting right next to her on the floor, then she spreads her legs and moves my head to say that I should go down on her so I start while she starts enjoying herself, first casually but then it gets more intense, seeing that she's too intense for people around, shes takes me to another room where she sit on my face. After a while, she gives me a face dildos and then very slowly starts using it on my face and then we finally have regular sex.