A gentleman caller...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Poison Ivy

I have a re-occuring fantasy that begins: lounging in the reception room of a grand manor with intricately detailed and extremely high ceilings, lying on a chaise lounge across from my love, who is naked & hard on an almost identical chaise, perpendicular to me. I am wearing a full length silk kimono, bedroom eyes reserved only for him, and nothing else. Both of us hypnotised by one another's eyes, him already stroking himself, just teasing, I spread my legs and brush the silk to one side, exposing myself, stroking my beautiful pussy delicately, gently tickling myself. He is getting faster in his motions, his hand passing quickly over his perfectly formed cock. Watching me. We lie, teasing each other, for quite some time..

Suddenly, the old-fashioned doorbell rings, sounding both grand and intimidating, startling both of us. He looks at me to answer the door and I linger for a long while, legs wide, stroking my foot against his. Always teasing.

When I eventually answer the door, there is a man with a determined stare cast over his eyes. Somehow I know what my love is thinking and without words I invite the stranger to occupy the Chaise lounge I was relaxing on, prior to his unexpected, yet exciting, arrival.

I finally do as I have wanted to the entire time and join on the other chair. I'm exhilarated at the thought of our visitor watching.

He is forbidden from touching either of us, but watches hungrily as I open my kimono completely, rubbing my body all over my lover, forcing his head level with my firm breasts, my nipples as erect as his cock. Our guest has to watch, and be teased, for a long time before he's lucky enough to join in.

We start letting him lick us both, just a little, until my love enters me from behind and invites him onto our sofa, when we both tell him exactly what we want, and what we want to see him do to each of us, always spanking him and stopping him, so he knows his place. I watch him put his cock all around his mouth, before getting jealous and taking over as our guest tries to take me from behind...