Gemini and I

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Morgan

My fantasy comes from a dream I had a long time ago. I still think about it now. I know it's literally impossible but science is taking strides every day, right?

I once had a dream that I had an amazing menage a trois with a very lucky man, myself and also myself. That's right, there were two of me. Cloning? Science should really hop on that. In the dream, the two sides of my notoriously mercurial personality were split into two separate bodies. One the quiet, reserved and slightly prudish side and the other, the aggressive, foul mouthed and kinky side. At first, my dream involved my darker side cheering on this lucky fellow as he fucked my prudish side over a desk. "Yes, spank her, she loves it" I'd encourage him as my more reserved persona succumbed to her enjoyment of a wilder ride. Then the dream would shift and my normally aggressive side would be romanced into submission, with soft kisses, eye contact and missionary as the other me kissed my face and created a cocoon of intimacy normally shied away from. Until eventually, it's just me. One me, a Gemini with both darkness and light within me. Giving both to my partner.