A Gay Lark in Alabama

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Emilia

The last weekend of the summer I went camping in beautiful Alabama with 3 of my new girlfriends, all of whom I had a crush on. We stayed up late singing around the fire and slept under the stars. The next morning I had a wild, raunchy dream that the 4 of us girls had an orgy on the dock by the lake. In real life I had just begun embracing my queer identity, so fucking women in beautiful nature, when everything was in bloom and full of life, seemed like an auspicious start to my new journey. It was so exciting that I woke myself up and was afraid that I had been moaning or giggling or doing something to give my x-rated dream away. When I blinked my eyes open it was morning and my friends were milling around the campsite laughing and talking, none the wiser. I could hardly look any of them in the eye for the rest of the day. Now in the cold, gray days of winter sometimes my mind wanders back to that fantasy.