Gambling With Lust

A Sexual Fantasy

— By llepafils

When they asked me to be part of their sex games, I was not expecting this. Yet here I am. strapped to a chair, naked and blindfolded. I have no idea of what is going on, but I have been here while they played with each other, listening to their moans. I am horny and hard, hoping to be part of that at some point.

And then the game starts. I hear their giggles. I know all of the girls, but while blindfolded I don't know who is whom. I hear a die roll. And shortly thereafter, I gasp as a hand grabs my cock and starts stroking it. Very slowly. Exactly four times. And another die roll. Now it's a different hand. Three strokes. They keep at this for some time. By what they say, I get the idea of the game. And I hate it but it turns me on so much. They keep rolling dice, and stroking me as many times as the dice says. And whoever makes me cum loses. What they lose, I have no idea. But I see I will not be coming anytime soon.

So many rounds. I have been at the edge of orgasm for ages. And they keep switching. Each turn leaves my cock throbbing, begging for more. I can't help but ask for it. But they just giggle and another one rolls. Let me cum already!

They have stopped now. And I am still wanting. I see them whisper, but I can't make out the words. Apparently, they have decided to up the stakes. I hear another die roll. And this time, it's a mouth.