The Future Is Female? An ideal female-dominated society

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexykinkybeauty

In a not-too-distant future, women rule the world.

Matriarchy has replaced patriarchy, and is rapidly moving toward a female-dominated society. Female pleasure has become the center of our culture. The goddess is worshiped, and so are all women. Women hold most of the positions of power; laws and customs have been re-written to promote women's pleasure and opportunities for women are exponentially increasing.

Women are enjoying the domination and authority that they have achieved, which often includes the sexual domination of their men. But perhaps most importantly, men are enjoying this power that women have. It is accepted by everyone that women's sexual needs are more important than men's: in relationships her pleasure is fundamental. It is a mutually-agreeable female-dominated society; and everyone is happy.

Power to the goddess, to women, and to the pussy!

I have posted a more detailed list of ideas on my Tumblr blog: