Full Body Relaxation.. and Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cerberus

Two women meet in front of a spa. They get undressed at the locker room. Two masseurs, a man and a woman, waiting outside to escort them to separate chambers. Both receive professional full body massages. Starting out soft and slow and getting over into intense tantric yoni massages. Totally relaxed and pleased the friends meet in the corridor again and enter the wellness area. It's a small stylishly done up spa with big open showers, a small ice cold plunge pool, a green little exterior with hammock nest beds, a relaxation room with a cosy lawn and a chimney, a hot Finnish sauna and a traditional Turkish bath.The two women start a little expedition around, watching the other guests. A woman walks slowly into the plunge pool, a man takes a shower, some people getting closer, some kissing, soft fondling… They first stop in the Turkish bath nodding at the male couple that is already in and stretch out at the bed surface. The steam quickly humidifies their bodies and gives them a shimmer in the candlelight. The 4 start to talk, getting closer and make out a little. They get out, towel each other and separate. Two enter the relaxation room. They get comfy in front of the chimney, make out again and then start to fuck, rough doggy style, where you can hear the clapping. The other two get into a nest outside and get oral. First him on her, then the other way around. He’s cuming in her mouth, she holds it in and gives it back to him by kissing, watches him pleased as he swallows. Afterwards the two women meet in front of the Finnish sauna. They take a seat. One is sitting up straight and the other is bending her head at her legs. The straight one starts to softly fondle her friends hair. Gets further to her face, neck, breast and nipple. They watch the others around. One man is fondling another ones cock and gently squeezes his balls. A bench beneath a man is slipping with his cock between the sweaty big breasts of a woman while another one is giving her a hand job. After the Finnish Sauna they shower together, kissing passionately and washing each other. Then they get dressed, and leave.