Full Bodied and Wet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hermi

A clever female wine maker (around 40) organized a wine tasting on a sunny Monday. We met in the tasting room - but only one person more was attending the course. A young lady (around 20) was curios on testing wine of the Provence. Outside it was already warm and both wearing shirts - and wonderful legs tried to seduce me. We started in the wine cellar with old wooden casks. It was cool. We tasted many wines and I was able see the legs as long as possible. We got relaxed and more relaxed - and enjoyed the wine more and more. But after a while the coldness of the cellar reached the two ladies and we moved finally to the tasting room. After a while and some glasses more the younger lady was half lit and in a indescribable mood ... and more and more beautiful. Then she proposed to test a wine and exchange it with a kiss with the wine maker. Surprisingly the wine maker agreed and they kissed each another long and intensely. The wine partially flew over the chin. I got horny. And with a twinkle in the eye the wine maker invited me to participate. Hesitantly I followed up. It was a perfect marriage of wine and women - and I enjoyed Juliette - the younger lady - Brigitte the wine maker and of course the wine. And the combination was better than having only good wine. We tried wine in on every part of our bodies. Jusqu'au bout doux.

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