Fuck me now, Kiss me later

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PenelopeFlora

It was a complicated relationship - friends for a year, both too shy or guarded to try anything. So when I learned he'd move abroad, I mustered up my courage and -even though on the verge of being cliche- left my underwear at home. On our walk after a concert, I pressed myself against some wall in a rather empty street, lifted my skirt high enough for him to see the absence of any garment and said "fuck me now and kiss me later". Which he did, we only slowed down when hearing the occasional footsteps of people passing by, pretending to be making out,whilst biting our hands or the other's neck trying to badly muffle our gasps. So yes, it was good even though I had bruises on my neck and back the next day and we never spoke again about that rather unusual walk to the subway.