Fuck Me Outrageously

A Sexual Fantasy

— By maze

I have a girlfriend of 3 years and I have lot of fun with her. But the sex is no longer the fun part, as there's no real passion when we fuck. I'm too shy to tell her how kinky my thoughts can be or how dirty my thoughts are when I see her naked body. One day I'll tell her how badly I want to fuck her, in an outrageous way. To fuck without modesty, shame or control. I want her to kiss me so wildly that she bites me, I want to suck her tongue without any kind of self-restraint. I don't want to just lick her pussy anymore, I want to satisfy my thirst of her pussy, her secretion.. And I hope that she'll release all her restraints too. Then we'll fuck until our bodies are exhausted, trembling with pleasure, soaked by our passion...