Fuck Me into Another Dimension

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mandatoryrelease

Before him, I fantasized about everything. Being dominant and being submissive. Being with men, being with women and being with anyone and everyone in between. Threesomes (lots of threesomes). Fucking outside, letting the sun shine down to warm bare skin while gentle breezes tickle nipples. It was a lush forest of masturbation fodder and masturbate I did.

But now? Everything's changed. He has come into my bedroom and opened me up in ways I've never known were possible. I suddenly have multiple orgasms and sometimes I can't stop cumming even after we've finished. By the time we're done fucking, I can't tell if I'm still human anymore - if I'm still on this planet or even in this Universe. Do I still exist? Or has he fucked me into another dimension?

When he first touched me, it blew all of my previous fantasies out into the ether. They don't matter anymore. Now it's only him and counting the days until I get to have his magic cock back inside me.