Friends for Life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

My wife and I have always cultivated an exhibitionist spirit that has also characterised our life as a couple.

Some time ago we asked a friend of ours, often present in our erotic fantasies, to film us while we were fucking.

On that occasion our bed became a small film set.

Everything went smoothly and my wife and I moved as if no one were there to film.

At a certain moment, I was lying belly up and my wife was lying on me rubbing her clit on my cock: it was a movement that I found delightful while with my hands clutching her ass that contracted and relaxed. Perhaps we were about to come together when we stopped and looked at each other in surprise, pleasantly floored by a sudden change. I had felt the thick curls of our friend's hair on my hands and, at the same time, my wife had felt her butt cheeks widen and a tongue starting to run from her asshole to her pussy's lips. To encourage movement, my wife raised her stomach and put herself in doggie-style; I slipped from my position and went behind our friend and entered it as I never thought I would do.